Display Business Hours in WordPress Websites

Business Hours WordPress Plugin

If you own a business there must be business hours right? You must be having a website for your business as well? Is it built with wordpress? Well then, what if you want to display your business hours somewhere on the template? Showing your open hours on your wordpress powered website is an excellent way to help your customers make a booking or appointment or perhaps plan their visit to your shop in advance. In this guide we’ll guide you on how to easily create business opening hours and display them on your wordpress website.

In this tutorial we are going to use the “Business Opening Hours Plugin”, so first thing you need to do is to install the plugin from wordpress plugin repository. Once the plugin is uploaded and activated, the plugin will create a new section in wp-admin labeled as “Business Hours”. Click on it to open the plugin’s setting page.

business hours pluginOn the setting page first thing you need to setup is the date format and timezone. You have an option to display the time in either 12hour or 24 hours format. Once you are done with these basic settings, now you can enter the opening and closing hours of each day when your business is open to customers. For this you can click on the time field which is next to a day and it will present you a dropdown option to select business hours. For days when your business is closed for customers, you can select ‘closed’ option or write any text you want to display there.

Next option on the settings page is for choosing background color of the container in which the business hours will be shown. You can also select font color to highlight the current day. Now, once you have setup the color options, below that you will be provided a section that has the generated shortcode that you can copy and use to display wherever you want to show the business hours on the website. For instance you can use it to display in a sidebar widget, or on a post or page as well. Also, make sure once you have copied the shortcode, click on save changes to store your settings.

There are two ways of using this plugin and displaying the business hours on a wordpress website, one is to generate the shortcode and use to display on page, post or in a sidebar text widget. The other way is to go to Appearance >> Widgets >> and there you can add a “Business Hours” widget to the side directly as well.

We hope you found this article useful to display business hours on your warders powered websites. Please comment below if you are stuck somewhere while using the plugin, we’ll make sure to guide you in the right direction.