Updating New Domain Urls When Moving WordPress Site

Update Urls in WordPress For New Domain

Planning to change your domain name but want to keep all the data (posts, pages, urls) of the old wordpress website on the newly changed domain without losing SEO, search engine rankings and to prevent website breakdown? You are at the right place, because in this guide we will guide your through on how to update urls when moving your wordpress site to a new domain.

When you change your domain name or move your wordpress website from one location another, it can be a big nightmare to deal with because you have to go back and update every link to point to the new location, and doing that manually takes lot of time. However, there are plugins that helps you do that in just a few seconds, and The Velvet Blues Update Urls Plugin is one of them. It allows you to easily change/replace urls from old domain to new domain. All you have to do is to enter the new domain url and then it automatically updates every link in your website including in the mysql database as well which is important to update image urls and other entries of the old urls in the database.

In the process of moving your wordpress website to a new domain, you will experience that internal links to external references or to internal pages are not going to be updated automatically. Instead they will still be pointed to old domain name. The Velvet Blues Update Urls is a handy plugin that allows you to change old urls and links in your newly setup wordpress website.

Take A Look at Its Main Features:

  • Easily update links embedded in excerpts, content and custom fields.
  • You have an option to select whether to update links for attachments.
  • After update it provides you a result with data on how many items were updated.

Installation & Instructions

To begin with you need to install the Velvet Blues Update urls plugin by going to Wp-admin >> Plugins >> Add New and once you have installed and activated it you can go to settings tab in the dashboard and select “Update Urls”. You will be taken over to a new screen or window where you will get two fields – one to enter the old website url and the other one for new website url which you want to replace it with.

Update Urls in WordPress

Second step is to select which urls you want to update. You will get options for:

  • URLs in page content
  • URLs in excerpts
  • URLs for attachments
  • URLs in custom fields and meta boxes
  • Update all GUIDs

You can select these options based on your preference and what all urls you want to replace and update. Once selected, click on ‘Update Urls Now’. Once you do that, all the old links will be modified and replaced with the new provided url. Even though this approach saves a lot of time, but you still have to go back to individual posts and pages if you have any hard coded links in the content. However, if you don’t have hard coded links, then this is the best and by far the easiest way to replace old links with new domain links.