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mac keyboard for windows

If you are developer like me who prefer working on both mac systems and window machines, then you would have definitely thought about having a mac like keyboard for your windows computer because if have used mac keyboard for long time then it becomes difficult to type on a standard windows keyboard, isn’t it? In this article we’ll talk about available windows keyboard choices in the market that looks and feels like a mac keyboard and works perfectly on windows. Also, we’ll shed some light on how to use a mac keyboard on a windows pc with a fix or little bit of work around for keys’ functions.

Below are some of the best i could find on the web that looks and works like a mac keyboard on a windows machine.

Techshoppe K688 Wireless Keyboard – It definitely seems to be mac style inspired keyboard because of it white color and overall layout. Keys are well spaces that makes it easier to type. Its ergonomic design is also a plus point for those who have to type a lot. Company says the keys are UV coated that ensures durability. It also has a battery indicator that tells when the battery is about to die. The keyboard is also compatible with Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10 and mac systems as well.

Macally Full-Size USB Keyboard – It’s a stylish, clean and white keyboard that looks almost like a mac USD powered full keyboard. It’s low profile keys are designed to feel exactly like you do on a mac keyboard.

VEO Ultra Slim Mini Wireless USB 2.4 GHz Keyboard – This has to be the closest deal in terms of design, layout and keys when it comes to buying a mac like keyboard for windows. It is connected to the system vi a USB dongle, which can be a downside because it won’t connect with devices that do not have USB port. It runs with on 2.4ghz wireless battery operated system that is claimed to be energy saving.

Emprex 6310U-W Chiclet Ultra Slim USB Keyboard – Another excellent alternative if you are looking for an ultramodern and stylish looking chiclet keyboard to use with windows. it’s square keycap design makes it typing much more easier. It also have 4 hotkeys for media functions and sleep function. The keyboard is listed as Windows Vista and 7 compatible but it should be working fine on Windows 10 as well.

I-Rocks Black Aluminum X-Slim – This one is not white, so if you need a white one, you can ignore it, but if you are cool with black then it can be a good option too. Its scissor-structure key-switch and square design keys with minimal distance is excellent for typing. It is also compatible with all versions of Windows.

Logitech K480 Bluetooth Multi-Device Keyboard – The most striking part of this device is the circular keys design which is unique and you don’t often see that in modern keyboards. However, typing feel is exactly like a mac keyboard and it is also compatible with OS X, Windows, Linux, iOS and Android.

In case you want to use your apple keyboard with a windows pc, please refer to this article. It will guide you in the right direct on how to setup and use your keyboard the correct way in order to make it compatible with windows system.

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