Remove Extentionstore Banner Advertisements in Vtiger 7.0

Those banner ads in Vtiger can be annoying, specially when you are developing it for a company that doesn’t want those advertisements. They are basically links to extensions store of Vtiger where you can purchase them for various added functionally and features.

If you want those ads, you can keep them but if you want to remove them or don’t want to display anywhere including the home page, dashboard, etc, then you have to create a new .php file in the root director with this code:

include_once 'vtlib/Vtiger/Module.php';
$moduleInstance = Vtiger_Module::getInstance('ExtensionStore');
if ($moduleInstance) $moduleInstance->deleteLink('HEADERSCRIPT', 'ExtensionStoreCommonHeaderScript');
echo "OK, ads banner removed !";

Just copy paste this code in a php file, name it whatever you want, save it and then upload it in the root directory. Once upload it, you have to run it in the browser. Just copy the file location and paste it in the browser and run it. That’s it. it will remove all the banner ads linked to extension store in Vtiger.

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