SuiteCRM – Change The Number of Rows To Display In A Dashlet

The beauty of SuiteCRM is the fact that it is based on SugarCRM and that gives you lot of documentation to play with when adding, editing or troubleshooting features in the CRM. While building modified version of the CRM for a client, we encountered a problem with home page dashlet rows which is restricted to only show 10 rows maximum.

It is important because it enables you to filter data on the home page itself but being restricted to only 10 rows did not help. So if you want to increase the number of rows to show on dashlets, here is what to do:

Go to config.php file in the root directory of SuiteCRM and look for “dashlet_display_row_options”. There you can see it has array of 4 options. You can simply add another option below it to increase the number of rows. Here is the code that will display 20 rows. You can change it to any number you’d want to display.

'dashlet_display_row_options' =>
  array (
    0 => '1',
    1 => '3',
    2 => '5',
    3 => '10',
    4 => '20',

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