Transfer SEO Settings When Switching WordPress Themes?

SEO Data Transporter Plugin

The biggest nightmare for any webmaster is to lose SEO settings data when changing the old wordpress theme or plugin with a new one. You could end up losing imperative meta data such as meta title, keywords, description and other settings. In this guide we’ll cover how you can properly and safely transfer your website’s SEO settings when switching over to other themes or plugins by using the SEO data transporter.

So what is SEO data and why is it imperative to properly move? Basically it is your website’s home and internal pages’ title, description and keyword that is shown on Google search result, therefore it is important to properly move the data when changing themes and plugins so that all your meta titles and descriptions are same in Google index.

Majority of wordpress theme frameworks and wordpress so plugins gives you the option to add SEO data (custom title, description, keywords). Popular plugins such as Yoast, All in One SEO and others allow you to add this SEO data to all your pages, posts, custom post types, tags, categories, media attachment, etc. If you have used one of these plugins or theme frameworks, then you may have added custom meta titles, descriptions and keywords to individual posts, pages and for home page as well. Now, when you change that theme or plugin you are currently using and use a new theme, then you will lose all that custom data you have added in old theme or plugin. This can be disastrous for your on-page SEO and you will lose your rankings in Google and in other search engines.

This is why backing up your SEO data is highly imperative and moving it properly to the new theme or plugin is crucial to avoid losing you hard earned rankings. So, what is the solution or right way to move the data without breaking your on-page seo? You need to use a plugin called ‘SEO Data Transporter’. Read below to learn how you can use the plugin and move in the right direction.

First you need to upload and install the plugin and activate it. Once it is activated, you need to go to Tools » SEO Data Transport to begin with transfer of your so settings.

SEO Data Transporter

On this settings page of the plugin there are two dropdown menu options. The first option is for selecting the platform you are transforming from and then next option is to select the platform you are transferring the SEO data to.

For instance let’s assume you are transferring the data from All in One Seo plugin to Yoast SEO plugin. So for this you would first select the ‘All In One Seo Pack’ from the platform options and in the next drop down menu you have to select ‘WordPress SEO’. Once both platforms are selected, now you have to click the analyze button to be able to see different elements and SEO data records that are compatible between the two platforms.

Upon clicking the analyze button, SEO Data Transporter plugin will now start analyzing your Seo data and after analysis it will present you the results. You will be provided with number of compatible elements and records that can be moved over to new platform. These records and elements are custom title, meta keywords and meta description.

Transfer SEO Settings in WordPress

Once you have the results in front of you, now click the ‘Convert’ button to start the data transfer process. This will initiate the SEO data transporter plugin to move your SEO settings data to your chosen platform.

After you have successfully transferred your so data to new theme or plugin you can now uninstall your old theme or so plugin as well delete the SEO transporter plugin. Below are plugins and theme frameworks that are supported by this plugin.

Compatible Themes: Catalyst, Genesis, Hybrid, Frugal, Builder, Thesis, WooFramework and Headway.

Compatible SEO Plugins: Yoast SEO, Add Meta Tags, All in One SEO Pack, Headspace2, SEO Ultimate, Platinum SEO, Greg’s High Performance SEO and Meta SEO Pack.

We recommend taking database backup of your wordpress website first before doing the steps aforementioned, so if it break down your website you can reinstall it with the backup. We really hope you found this resource useful and successfully transferred your SEO settings data using this amazing plugin.